Chisel is made available under a modified BSD Licence. The public repository is hosted on github.

See instructions for downloading and installing the distribution on either Linux/x86 or Mac OS X.

Third-party Chisel Integrated Circuits

tutorials Examples of Basic Logic Circuits (Jonathan Bachrach)
riscv-sodor Educational microarchitectures for risc-v isa (Christopher Celio)
Patmos Time-predictable VLIW processor (T-CREST)
chisel-examples Chisel Blink, Counter and FSM Examples (Martin Schoeberl)
OpenSoC Fabric A Parameterizable NoC (LBL Computer Architecture Lab)
RoCC Neural Network Accelerator Neural network software/hardware for RISC-V microprocessors Boston University

To Add your project to the list, just advertise about it on the Chisel mailing list!