Chisel 3.0.1

ReleaseNotes for Chisel v3.0.1 2017-12-20

Chisel 3.0.0

ReleaseNotes for Chisel v3.0.0 2017-11-24

Chisel 2.2.x

ReleaseNotes for Chisel v2.2.38 2017-04-24

This release of Chisel is a maintenance release, incorporating support for Chisel3's {as,to}{U,S}Int methods in all Chisel Data types.

We will be removing support for Scala 2.10 in future Chisel releases. Please verify your code compiles and runs correctly under Scala 2.11.

ChangeLog for Chisel v2.2.38 2017-04-24

Move {as,to}{U,S}Int definitions to Node.scala, and add them as Bundle key words.
Update deprecated Fill() usage in FillApp.scala.